1. Xamarin.Forms Page Transitions: Custom page transitions in a Xamarin.Forms App.
  2. TabbedNavigation: How to handle TabbedPages. This shows the use of IActiveAware on all Tabbed Children to handle the Switching Tabs, as well as initialization with INavigatingAware, and a strategy for Dynamic Loading of Children in the TabbedPage.
  3. CustomNavigationBarSample: Navigation Bar Customization in Xamarin Forms.


  1. Xamarians/ListViewPaginationDemo: A demo to implement pagination in a listView.
  2. Oclemy/Xamarin-GridView-Pagination: Xamarin Android GridView Next/Previous pagination.
  3. Swapnil-Patil22/EasyTable: Pagination, Sorting made easy with Xamarin forms.


  1. NobsterTheLobster/Xamarin.Forms.GridView
  2. kiwaa/Xamarin.Forms.GridView
  3. Dineshbala1/GridView
  4. KishanDonga/Xamarin-GridView
  5. Mushtaq123/Xamarin-Forms-Custom-GridView


  1. AnimatedProgress
  2. susairajs/ProgressBar-Xamarin.Forms
  3. ITLec/ITLec.XamarinForms.Examples.ProgressBar
  4. jmarti326/ProgressBarExample


  1. JSON.NET: Is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET
  2. Utf8Json: Definitely Fastest and Zero Allocation JSON Serializer for C#(.NET, .NET Core, Unity and Xamarin), this serializer write/read directly to UTF8 binary so boostup performance.


  1. Clarity: Is an application framework for XAML based platforms.
  2. XamFluentUI: Fluent UI API for Xamarin Forms.


  1. Icons8: Thousands of free icons in different styles and sizes.
  2. MetroStudio: Free Windows app that has thousands of icons.


  1. aritchie/acr-xamarin-forms
  2. rebuy-de/rb-forms-barcode
  3. brminnick/BarcodeReader
  4. timnasium/XamScan
  5. Snehamarewar/QR-Code-Scanner
  6. RodgerLeblanc/Barcode
  7. supreettare/CardScannerXDemo
  8. Axemasta/Barcode-Scanning-MVVM
  9. christophwille/XamBonBon
  10. mastracu/dataWedgeXamarinFormsSampleApp
  11. YassineHakimi/MS-Computer-Vision-API-and-Xamarin-Sample
  12. tervoju/RuuviTag
  13. NaydenLuiz/XAMARINQRCODE
  14. georgemakrakis/QdiscoveR
  15. noahmwolfe/BarcodeParser


  1. aritchie/acr-xamarin-forms
  2. jlandersen/xamarin-forms-camera
  3. ThatCSharpGuy/Forms-FullCameraPage
  4. yas-mnkornym/XamarinFormsCameraPreview
  5. juucustodio/Camera-Xamarin.Forms
  6. baileysh9/Xamarin-Forms-Camera
  7. vDoers/vDoersCameraAccess
  8. AndriiPolubinskyi-Planorama/CameraViewControl
  9. chomado/UWP_Camera
  10. Exacon/CameraApp
  11. StuderTWI/XamarinFormsCamera
  12. jsphanger/XamarinForms_Camera_Example
  13. Puye123/XamarinFormsCamera
  14. GraceFeng/XamarinFormsCameraDemo
  15. tgoto63/XamarinFormsCameraSample
  16. gerardonavart/CameraXF
  17. soiya/cameraTest
  18. JooOwl/xamarin_forms_camera
  19. yasserahmedmohamed/Use-Camera-xamarin-forms
  20. ravisinghunnao/Xamarin.Forms.Camera
  21. dnsk83/MapsDemo
  22. oishiikurigohan/RaspPiCameraClient
  23. aokabi/CameraTest3
  24. sandrinov/XamMedia
  25. kokuljose/Xamarin-Forms-Camera-Using-Xam.Plugins.Media
  26. mesterit/XamarinFormsPhotosPickAndTake
  27. huxy84/EasyCamera
  28. fvsalina/ExemploCamera
  29. windperson/XamarinFormCameraDemo
  30. NaydenLuiz/ApiCameraFacebook
  31. tomeastmanjr/-Xamarin_Camera
  32. BraventIT/DualCameraTest
  33. icalderond/OpenCameraXForms
  34. flohaider/xf-3d-rotation-sample
  35. oishiikurigohan/SecurityCameraClient
  36. malyda/Xam-ImagesInDb
  37. ffdacruz/AppPCLFoto
  38. AlexPshul/XFEmotions
  39. DawidNowak/DiceRoller


  1. HoussemDellai/UploadFileToServer
  2. phenixita/IC6.Xamarin.PictureUpload
  3. AhsanSiddique/UploadtoBlob
  4. actualtraining/UsingMediaPlugin
  5. igengungor/ImageUploader
  6. LaloCo/FormsImageUploader
  7. windperson/PhotoUploadApp_Demo
  8. muhaym/lostandfound
  9. ffdacruz/AppPCLFoto


  1. rzee7/Xam-Forms-CustomAlert
  2. UdaraAlwis/XFInputAlertDialogService
  3. furuya02/Xamarin.Forms.AlertSample
  4. jafarullahag/forms-customalert
  5. xtiancapil/xamarin-forms-display-alert-bug-sample
  6. CCOviedo/TiposAlertas
  7. gbreen12/ReactiveForms
  8. MrClockOff/DisplayAlerTest
  9. LahiruKaushalya/NotifyMe
  10. Arty-Kash/CommandPrompt1
  11. Arty-Kash/CommandPrompt2


  1. muak/AiForms.Effects
  2. enisn/Xamarin.Forms.InputKit
  3. Oceanware/OceanForXamarinForms
  4. TBertuzzi/Xamarin.Forms.BehaviorValidationPack
  5. RobGibbens/Xamarin-Forms-Validation
  6. james-russo/XamarinForms-UnobtrusiveValidationPlugin
  7. Kuvar/CoreApiPOC
  8. zquanghoangz/Hoang-s-Behaviors-Validation
  9. AhmedAglan/EntryValidator
  10. tonholis/xamarin-forms-validation
  11. imagef5/CustomBorderEntryAndValidation-Xamarin_Forms
  12. ImanMesgaran/Input-Validation-in-Xamarin-Forms-Behaviors
  13. InquisitorJax/Xamarin.Forms.AzureAppService.Validation
  14. jeffcab/Triggers-Xamarin.Forms
  15. marvin981973/XFPrismValidation
  16. 1n5an1ty/templates.mobileapp.cross.prism
  17. dansiegel/Validation-With-Prism-Behavior
  18. BraventIT/OAuthSampleApp
  19. NirmalSubedi17/mycharter


  1. slim8791/FingerPrintSample-Xamarin-Forms
  2. albno273/XamarinFormsFingerprintSample
  3. Bekhub/XamarinFormsLocalAuth


  1. michaellperry/CryptoForms
  2. markradacz/CryptoCompareApp
  3. georgemakrakis/SQLiteXamarinFormsCrypto
  4. kevinjh07/cryptopia.public
  5. maitlandmarshall/Cryptocurrency.Blockchain


  1. pgonzalezmorelli/Cache-SQLite
  2. NVentimiglia/Xamarin.Forms.AsyncImage
  3. seba47/Cache-SQLite
  4. smarongiu/MethodCacheXamarinSample
  5. brankeye/Atlas.Forms
  6. InfoTechBridge/CacheToolkit
  7. InfoTechBridge/AnyCache


  1. Gorilla Player: Instant XAML Preview for Xamarin Forms.
  2. HotReload: Xamarin.Forms XAML hot reload, live reload, live xaml.
  3. Infragistics AppMap: Visually map out and generate your Xamarin.Forms application. Code generation includes Pages (Views), ViewModels, and navigation code that follows best-practice Prism MVVM architecture.
  4. LiveXAML: Whenever you save any XAML file, it automatically updates the running application.
  5. MFractor: MFractor is the essential productivity tool for Xamarin Studio.
  6. Mutatio: Visual Studio for Mac add-in/extension for converting old PCLs to .NET Standard 2.0 targeting projects automatically.
  7. Productivity Power Tools: An extension bundle installer that will install each of the individual components of Productivity Power Tools (copy has HTML, fix tabs, etc.).
  8. scrcpy: This application provides display and control of Android devices connected on USB (or over TCP/IP). It does not require any root access. It works on GNU/Linux, Windows and MacOS.
  9. UI Sleuth: Xamarin.Forms debugging tool.
  10. VSTouchbarTools: A simple extension that installs a XML definition for Parallels v13 to offer basic Touchbar support.
  11. vsmacdeepclean: Is a Visual Studio for macOS add-in / extension that let you easily clean projects, NuGet, Xamarin and VS cache without leaving the IDE.
  12. XAMLator: Is a live XAML previewer for Xamarin.Forms. Change something in your view's XAML in Visual Studio and you preview it live in your device or simulator!
  13. XAML Styler: A visual studio extension, which formats XAML source code by sorting the attributes based on their importance.
  14. NSwag: Swagger and code generation tool for C#. Easily integrate your own or 3rd party APIs into your app.
  15. How to set up Xamarin.Android on Linux: A guide to getting Xamarin.Android ready to use on your distro of choice (plus JetBrains Rider support)!
  16. Xamarin.Forms Android on Linux command line tools: This is a similar experimental project and documentation to build Android applications on Linux, using the Xamarin.Android and IDE like the Visual Studio Code or MonoDevelop.
  17. XFDesigner: Live XAML designing tool for Xamarin.Forms.


  1. Assetxport图片大小自动调整: Resize UWP, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS assets automatically.
  2. clean-compress: A macOS utility that cleans (and optionally compresses/zips) Xamarin solutions.


  1. Android File Transfer: Browse and transfer files between your Mac computer and your Android device.


  1. Xamarin.Forms.Mocks: Library for running Xamarin.Forms inside of unit tests.
  2. Xamarin UITest: An Automated UI Acceptance Testing framework that allows programmers to write and execute tests in C# and NUnit that validate the functionality of iOS and Android Apps.
  3. Xamarin Test Recorder: This tool makes it easy to record automated tests for your app.


  1. AppShortcutsPlugin: Dynamically add and remove shortcuts to your app's icon so the user can deep-link into your app.
  2. Battery Status: Get battery level, how it is getting charge, and events.
  3. CSharpForMarkup: Use declarative style C# instead of XAML for Xamarin Forms UI.
  4. Connectivity: See if device is connected to the internet and through what connection type.
  5. Contacts: Currently in Alpha to gather and query contacts.
  6. Device Information: Base information about each device such as OS and version.
  7. DynamicStackLayout: Xamarin.Forms layout for creating dynamically wrapped views.
  8. Enagora.Plugins.Xam.GoogleAds: Google Ads implemetation for Xamarin.Forms.
  9. Extended Maps: Launch navigation directions in default map app on each OS.
  10. Geofence: A cross platform library for Xamarin & Windows that allows for easy geofence detection.
  11. Geolocator: Easy way of querying GPS location.
  12. GoogleAnalyticsForXamarinForms: This project is a cross platform library for Xamarin Forms, which enables a handy use of Google Analytics in your applications.
  13. Iconize: Use icon fonts in your Xamarin.Forms application!
  14. InAppBillingPlugin: A simple In-App Purchase plugin for Xamarin and Windows to query item information, purchase items, restore items, and more.
  15. ImmutableUI: Is a collection of immutable data objects that mirror object-oriented user interface APIs.
  16. Jobs: Background Jobs Framework for Xamarin & UWP.
  17. NavigationExtensions for Xamarin.Forms: Those extensions for Xamarin.Forms basicaly add storage of the navigation history when the application stops.
  18. LibVLCSharp: Xamarin bindings for libvlc, the multimedia framework powering the VLC applications made by VideoLAN.
  19. MatchaBackgroundService: A plugin library to simplify Backgrounding in Xamarin.Forms.
  20. Media: Take or pick photos/videos.
  21. MediaManager: Cross platform media plugin for Xamarin and Windows.
  22. NFCForms: Easily read and write NFC tags in your Xamarin.Forms application.
  23. PayPal: PayPal Plugin for Xamarin.Forms.
  24. Permissions: Check and request runtime permissions.
  25. Plugin.GuestureLock: GuestureLock for Xamarin.Forms.
  26. Plugin.LocalNotification: The local notification plugin provides a way to show local notifications from Xamarin.Forms apps.
  27. Screenshot: Get and save screenshot in yours apps for Xamarin and Windows.
  28. Settings: Fully cross platform settings for your application.
  29. Share: Easily share text or open a browser.
  30. SimpleAudioPlayer: Plays local files and audio data as a stream. This allows you to store audio data in a portable class library and play it on all supported platforms.
  31. SpatialiteForms: Enable spatialite for Xamarin Forms. As an example this allows to do offline reverse geocoding on mobile devices (this barely scratches the surface of Spatialite, but it's a very common usecase for mobile dev).
  32. Text To Speech: Turn your text into a vocal symphony on mobile devices.
  33. TinyInsights: A library that abstracting crash reporting- and analytics services and makes it possible to use multiple providers.
  34. TinyAccountManager: Account manager for Xamarin and UWP. Store account information in your app in a secure way.
  35. TinyNavigationHelper: Is a library that is created for you that want to abstract the navigation without installing a bigger MVVM framework.
  36. TinyPubSub: Worlds smallest pub/sub thingy created mostly for Xamarin Forms.
  37. Toasts.Forms.Plugin: A simple way of showing notifications inside your Xamarin or Windows application.
  38. TouchEffect: This plugin provides opportunity to create views with touch effects without using any gestureRecognizers.
  39. Version Tracking: Track which versions of your Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Mac, Xamarin.Android, or Windows app a user has previously installed.
  40. Vibrate: Make that device rumble!.
  41. WhenTheAppWasBuilt: Strongly shake your device and we'll show you when the app was built.
  42. Xamarin.Essentials: (Official) Essential cross platform APIs for your mobile apps.
  43. Xamarinos.AdMob.FormsPlugin: AdMob Plugin for Xamarin.Forms.
  44. Xamarin.Plugin.Firebase.RemoteConfig: Xamarin Forms bindings for Firebase RemoteConfig.
  45. Xam.Plugin.AudioPlayer: Plugin for Xamarin.Forms to play audio in background from stream.
  46. Xam.Plugins.OnDeviceCustomVision: Plugin to allow custom vision models to be used from mobile devices.
  47. XamCal: A Xamarin.Forms Calendar Plugin.
  48. Xam.Plugin.Webview: Xamarin Plugin for a HybridWebView in PCL projects.
  49. Xam.Plugins.AutoUpdate: Xamarin Forms plugin that auto updates your Android or UWP sideloaded application.
  50. Xam.Reactive.Location: Location on each Xamarin platform is already event/push driven which is where Reactive models do great. This creates a useful wrapper around the iOS/Android location APIs.
  51. ZXing.Net.Mobile: The goal of ZXing.Net.Mobile is to make scanning barcodes as effortless and painless as possible in your own applications.
  52. Xamarin.Forms.Contacts: Read Contacts Data on iOS and Android.
  53. Xamarin.Forms.Segues: A library that provides support for segues between Pages.
  54. Xamarin.Forms.GraphQL: bindings allow binding from XAML directly to a GraphQL data source.
  55. Xamarin.Cognitive.BingSpeech: Is a managed client library that makes it easy to work with the Microsoft Cognitive Services Bing Speech API on Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms, UWP, and other .NET Standard 2.0 projects.
  56. Xamarin.Forms.SavableObject: Saving Data without SQL plugin.
  57. XamarinForms-UnobtrusiveValidationPlugin: A plugin library that extends the functionality of FluentValidation for Xamarin.
  58. XPlat Windows APIs: XPlat Windows APIs are designed to make it easier for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) developers to share their knowledge of the platform APIs across Android and iOS.


  1. AirDroid: Utility for mirroring, file transfer, remote control, notifications, etc. an Android device.
  2. Vysor: Utility for mirroring your Android physical device to your screen.
  3. QuickTime Player: For mirroring iOS devices.


  1. App-Service-Helpers: Add data storage and authentication to your app in a few lines of code.
  2. Postman: Tool for test web services requests and responses.
  3. Polly: Automatic retry policies.
  4. Akavache: Akavache is an asynchronous, persistent (i.e. writes to disk) key-value store created for writing desktop and mobile applications in C#, based on SQLite3. Akavache is great for both storing important data (i.e. user settings) as well as cached local data that expires.
  5. Azure Mobile Apps: Offline sync-enabled Xamarin apps that connect to Azure Mobile App.
  6. CosmosDB: Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, multi-model database service.
  7. Entity Framework Core: Is a lightweight and extensible version of the popular Entity Framework data access technology.
  8. LiteDB: A .NET NoSQL Document Store in a single data file.
  9. Realm: Alternative to SQLite, simple and fast.
  10. SQLite-net: It is an open source, minimal library to allow .NET and Mono applications to store data in SQLite 3 databases.


  1. CodeMill.VMFirstNav: A Xamarin.Forms ViewModel First Navigation Library.
  2. ExRin: A framework for enterprise scale apps.
  3. FreshMvvm: It is a super light Mvvm Framework designed specifically for Xamarin.Forms
  4. MVVMCross: Cross-platform mvvm mobile development framework.
  5. MVVMLight: Cross-platform MVVM development framework.
  6. MvvmNano: Small and smart MVVM framework made with ❤ for Xamarin.Forms.
  7. Prism: Nice framework with an amazing navigation service.
  8. ReactiveUI: An advanced, composable, functional reactive model-view-viewmodel framework for all .NET platforms.
  9. Sextant: A ReactiveUI navigation library for Xamarin.Forms.
  10. SupportXFLite: A simple MVVM Framework for Xamarin Forms, it helps you to quick setup a new Xamarin Forms project.
  11. TinyMvvm: TinyMvvm is a tiny MVVM library with focus on productivity.
  12. xamvvm: Simple MVVM (Model, ViewModel, View) Framework for .Net - Xamarin.Forms compatible.
  13. Xamarin University Infrastructure Library: Extensions, MVVM classes, behaviors and other misc. useful code bits from Xamarin University.
  14. Xamarin.Forms.MVVMBase: Simple MVVM framework for Xamarin.Forms projects


  1. Refit: The automatic type-safe REST library for .NET Core, Xamarin and .NET. Heavily inspired by Square's Retrofit library, Refit turns your REST API into a live interface.
  2. Charles: Is an HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that enable to view all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between the machine and the Internet.


  1. Microcharts: A set of sample applications that use Microcharts.
  2. HandwritingText-Xamarin.Forms: Example of Xamarin.Forms App to get handwritten text from an image using Microsoft Cognitive Services.
  3. Prism Template Pack: Contains a collection of snippets, item templates, and project templates for use with building Xamarin.Forms applications using Prism.
  4. angelinn/Xam.Plugin.AutoUpdate
  5. 分辨力调整 dpilove: Easily find the DPI of any screen.
  6. 智能电视 Tizen.TV.UIControls: The Tizen TV UIControls is a set of helpful extensions to the Xamarin Forms framework for the Samsung TV device.
  7. 视图转换器 Xamarin.Forms.ConvertersPack: Package with multiple converters for Xamarin.Forms.
  8. 试图复用 Xamarin Crumbs: A set of source code files —including XAML ones— to reuse once and again.


Xamarin.Forms 开发资源集合